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The Cambridgeshire Pension Fund has launched a consultation on changes to its funding strategy statement (FSS). The amendments to the FSS reflect the introduction of additional flexibilities for managing employer risk as a result of changes made by the government to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Regulations 2013 in September 2020.

These include:

  • Reviewing employer contribution rates between formal valuations
  • Spreading exit payments over a fixed period of time for employers exiting the Fund
  • Entering into Deferred Debt Arrangements with exiting employers

The consultation will be open from 30/07/2021 – 31/08/2021.

Emails have been sent to the contacts listed as those with overall responsibility for pensions and/or finance for each Cambridgeshire employer asking them to take part. If your organisation has not received an email about the consultation, please contact the employer services team.

The feedback received will be taken into account when finalising our policy and we will publish an updated version of our FSS on our website later in the year.

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